Flexible Storage Solutions

Portable Storage of MN makes storage easy
You choose where to store your goods – either at your site or ours. If you choose to store at your site we deliver a portable storage container to your site when you want it. When you are finished using the container just give us a call and we will pick it up.

If you choose to store the storage container at our site we handle the transportation. We deliver the portable storage unit to your site for you to load. Once loaded, give us a call and we will pick up the container and store it at our secure site. When you are ready for your goods, another call and we’ll deliver the storage container to the location of your choosing. There is never a rush to pack or to unload. Once the storage unit is unloaded we will pick it up promptly.

There is never a rental charge for storing at our site (transportation charges apply).

Moving Supplies

Convenient moving supplies
Place your order for moving supplies, including boxes, bubble wrap, blankets, etc., and we will load them into the portable storage container before we deliver it to your site. Or, if you prefer to receive them ahead of time, we can deliver them to your location for a small delivery fee.

Moving Supplies

Storage Unit Packing Tips

Packing & Loading
Since most people don’t move frequently, a few packing tips can make a big difference. Loading a container can be done in one of multiple ways. Loading for transport, whether it’s to a new home or back to the original site, it’s important to pack everything safely. For on-site storage loading may be done to make goods accessible or it can be done so as to pack as much in as possible. We offer some tips to make this aspect of portable storage more pleasant.

Packing & Loading Tips